About Richard


TV, Documentary

Richard is writing and developing a range of productions:

Dramatic TV Series - A daring take on anti-terrorism.


Documentary Programs

A documentary about what's gone wrong with modern men.

A one-hour examination of long-term thinking and planning.


Marketing, Communications

Richard is participating in the launch of an internet protocol TV service


Global Perspective

Conceived and produced this first weekly TV series dedicated to international aid, development and gender advancement issues. Series made with the collaboration of UNICEF, UN and 20 NGOs.

Behind the Story

 Conceived, produced and hosted weekly TV series dedicated to creating media literacy and analyzing media bias and excellence.

The Joy Project

○ This project is the marriage of the ancient and the new. The Ancient: storytelling; and the exchange and passage of an item, similar to the passing of the talking sticks of some of North America’s First Nations. The New: the internet, instantaneous geo-tracking and reporting.

 This project stands at the convergence of the humanity associated with the passing of a significant object from hand to hand; with the high-speed modern ability that today drives instant planetary communication.

Up with Humanity

○ A Canadian specialty service dedicated to presenting human activity at its best. Ideally, it is a multi-platform, international video channel deliverable by broadcast, internet and mobile media. It has the potential to make a difference to humanity and broadcasting, and it has a big revenue-potential and corporate partnership upside.

The Virtual Reality Fieldhouse

 A proposal to create a new multi-sensory human spectacle that engages all senses in a larger-than-life format.

Who’s Thinking Long Term?

 Documentary project about why there is an apparent disappearance of long-term thinking and planning.

Solomon’s Escape

○ Documentary about the 1837 flight to Upper Canada of escaped slave Solomon Moseby; in development with Professor David Murray, Historian, University of Guelph.


Curriculum developer, administrator, writer and lead instructor/professor for BEMC

BEMC is a full-time program designed to prepare internationally trained media and communications professionals to secure meaningful careers in Ontario in the fields of journalism and professional writing; broadcast media; videography; or communications and PR. The program spans over a minimum 6 months, depending on the duration of the placement.


College instructor with Cambrian College, Humber College, New Canadian Media, BEMC

○Communications, marketing, media, journalism, politics, philosophy, civics, diversity, business management

○ Professional development author and instructor

○ Researched and wrote two management texts

○ Journalism

○ Newspaper, weekly -- Editor-in-chief

○ Radio, national all-news network -- National morning producer, editor-in-chief

TV -- Host, producer, executive producer

Marketing & Advertising

○ Digital media strategist

○ Agency principal

○ Creative director

○ Senior copywriter


○ Screenwriter – feature film

○ Speechwriter, strategist

○ Author -- Videography: the Guide to Making Videos

○ Lessons on Accessing Your Creativity. A range of activities that encourage students to use lateral thinking and originality in approaching communications challenges, augmented by a four-part series of articles. Will provide the series upon request.


He posted a four-part internet course on the nature of creativity

In Marketing

As a Creative Director, Richard has developed an innovative international viral campaign for transnational organizations.

It combines geo-tagging, new media, social media and high-touch personal contact


The second edition of Richard's book What the World Needs to Know about Interfaith Dialogue is now available on iTunes and Google Books


Richard is a strategist and advisor to a range of federal election candidates, and municipal election office seekers.

In Print

People don't like what the media reflects at them, Richard looks at that and suggests some remedies... Stop Blaming the Media

Richard tackles the question of Why Some New Canadian Communities are More Prominent in Politics in his new article.

See Richard's Nine takes on the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.