“My job is to pull back the curtain to reveal what’s really going on.”


As an award-winning TV producer & host with a background in marketing and a career in intercultural dialogue, Richard has a unique and creative perspective on the issues of the day.

His award-winning speaking style is based on his ability to create fascinating links between topics – weaving a narrative thread. Richard takes on tough topics with openness, humor and warmth.

He brings depth of content knowledge but also a storyteller’s flare to his public and classroom presentations. His goal is to inspire while also leaving people with practical action strategies.

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Richard M Landau

TV & Documentary Maker, Innovator, Educator

Richard is an educator, communications consultant, TV host, and media analyst with multi-disciplinary expertise in broadcasting, digital media strategy, screenwriting, and documentary making.

Richard has been described as someone who has the big picture…the overview. He knows what works and he knows how to harness innovation to make messages stand out from the welter. He’s won over 40 awards for TV excellence.

“You could say it’s ‘applied communications’ that informs my many other activities as a college professor, author, cross-cultural relations thinker, and an electoral officer for the government.

“So, if you share the belief (and evidence) that focussed, innovative communication garners superior results, let’s chat.”


More About Richard

Telly Award


○ Media analyst and commentator
○ Consultant on video, audio, and broadcast endeavors
○ Program/segment host, producer, and developer


○ News releases
○ Public relations
○ Speechwriting
○ Public speaker: media trends, social trends


○ Digital media strategy
○ Social media audits
○ Analytics and metrics


○ Innovative concepts
○ Marketing strategy
○ Public awareness
○ Artist representation


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